Once again I participated in the yearly challenge known as 24 Hour Comic Day.  I completed the challenge with hours to spare...beat last years personal record!  I'm really happy with this years comic, and I hope you guys enjoy.

Hope you guys enjoyed my 24 hour comic!!!  More to come with Dracullama involved, so stay tuned!!!

Dracullama is Coming!!!

I completed the 24 hour comic book challenge last weekend and I'm really excited about the outcome. I'll be posting the comic later tonight...but first here's a tiny sneak peek:

Spider Hate

Well....that escalated quickly.

Dim Days

I'm officially back at it with the web comic!!!  I know, it's kinda been forever...sorry.  I'm hopping to morph the comic into something a bit more than what I have been doing, so you may start to notice some changes.
Anyway, this first comic is actually something that truly happened to me and I felt compelled to interpret it into comic form.  I've been a Beastie Boys fan since my early teenage years, and I was crushed by the news of Adam Yauch's death earlier this year.  To this day I can't get over it.  I remembered having this moment in my life and felt it sums up perfectly what the Beastie Boys mean to me.  Enjoy.

 When life gets dim, you brighten my world.

R.I.P. Adam Yauch August 5th 1964-May 4th 2012

Graphite Betrayal


Feline Struggles

Sorry for the long wait!!!  Happy New Year everybody!  Let's kick it off with some kitty cats.

This best sums up my cats.